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My friends and I will show you all the healthy and fun stuff my mom and dad make.

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Hello, I'm Zak
My Mom & Dad want me to be healthy and happy,
so they developed healthy treats, soaps and accessories for me.
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Zakary our dog

Dee Stuff Pet Supply produces hand made high quality:

It all started with looking for healthy dog treats.

Dee stuff came into being when we first brought our little buddy, Zakary home.  We were looking for some healthy snacks to give him from our local pet supply stores, but after reading and researching what to give your dog we just could not find any healthy alternative snacks that we liked.  We decided to make our own.  We did more research and talked with local veterinarians and came up with some ideas.  After baking several batches we came up with some pretty good recipes using only organic and healthy ingredients that the dogs love.

Sharing our dog cookies was the start of our business

We thought our other four legged friends would also like to have some healthy alternative snacks so we tried introducing them at some craft type fairs. We sold some and our doggie friends were quite delighted. So we decided this was a good thing and wanted to keep sharing these organic alternative snacks with our new friends.

Recycled animal food bags: Tote bags

Cris also started taking plasticized dog food, cat food and other animal food bags and re purposing them into carry or gift bags. These are really fun. I especially like the bird food bags and the cat food bags with Puss n Boots on them.

From cat trees to cat castles

Ok, let’s talk cats. Denis has a line of cat trees that are well built and quite sturdy. They have a reasonable foot print of only 24” x 24”. Check out the pictures. Even Z’Va (our Chihuahua) likes climbing on them.

Dressing up your dog: jackets and neckerchiefs

Cris started making jackets and neckerchiefs. She really enjoys the costuming end of this and has put out a pretty nice line of jackets. Well thought out and very easy to use. Custom orders are always welcome.

Animal bling: Sparkling necklaces for your pets

We also have a line of jewelry for cats and dogs. Our cat (Montana) would rather wear a neckerchief but puts up with the bling necklaces if we insist.

We needed an alternative to chemical drops against fleas and tics!

We enjoy mountain biking. As soon as Zak was ready we started taking him with us on our rides. We soon discovered that our favorite trails were also enjoyed by TICKS. We hurried down to the pet supply store and bought the latest for relieving Zak of this terrible affliction. We bought one of the products that you put drops on the dog’s neck and it kills fleas and ticks anywhere on their body. How cool is that! Well, when we got home and put it on Zak he just kinda stared and was lethargic for several days. Well think about it. A chemical on the neck kills ticks on his butt. Hmmmm. Not good! We did more research and decided to start making soap from scratch. Only organic and only good ingredients. Found out that Lavender and Citronella were excellent deterrents for not only Ticks and Fleas but Mosquitoes as well. Mosquitoes are the carrier of heart worm in dogs. Wow, we were on to some great stuff. We made some soap and tried it. It worked! In fact, (in my opinion) it worked better than the drops. What a great thing! An awesome alternative to those nasty chemical drops and it works! Yay!

Our soaps turned out to be excellent for allergic dogs

Because the soap has all natural ingredients in it we found that it has several other benefits that were quite unexpected. First, people were coming…no, practically running back to us to let us know it cleared up their dog’s hot itchy spots. Their little buddies were not chewing and pulling the hair out anymore. And their coats were so soft. Wow!

Our soap even works for humans with skin problems!

Of course we tried the soap on ourselves and found it helped with some of our skin problems so we started sharing this with some of our friends. Well, the response was almost unbelievable. People were telling us that their eczema had cleared up! Other skin problems were clearing. This was fantastic! We do not have any scientific studies on this but we do have people sharing their stories and we will share them with you. Try it…You will like it! An excellent organic alternative to the other soaps available to you and your best friends.

We are still mountain biking and kayaking mainly here in Northern California.  Zak is almost always with us.  So if you are out and see us…stop by and say Howdy.  Always fun to talk to other doggie (and cat) friends (and their people).  Happy Tails!

Denis and Cris